Bohemia Orienteering
Nový Bor 5th-9th August 2009

Welcome to Bohemia Orienteering 2009
Very interesting and difficult terrains for orienteering are offered
WMOC 1998 was held here!



International 5-day Orienteering Event - Nový Bor - Czech Republic

individuals, Czech Ranking Events

System: the best 3 results from day 1-4 will be included, chasing start in day 5


Event organizer: OK Jiskra Nový Bor - Czech Republic


Date:                       5th - 9th August 2009




40-AB, 45-AB,50-AB,55-AB,60-,65-,70-,75-



40-AB, 45-AB,50-,55-,60-,65-

  DAY 3 (7.8.2009) = middle course for all classes
Taped course: T3 (2,5 - 3 km)
Fitness courses: F3 (3km), F5 (5km)- application for this courses is possible at the event registration or one day in advance before the actual event.



Use our online system on or enclosed entry form by e-mail to, by fax to +420-487725550 or by mail to Beránek Miroslav,   Sadová 745, 473 01 NOVÝ BOR - Czech Republic. The last day for the cheapest fees is 30th April 2009. All later entries (with higher entry fee) will be accepted, if only convenient for the organizer.

if sent and paid
before 30th April 2009
if sent and paid
before 30th June 2009
if sent and paid
H/D 16-75 (5 days)
50 €
60 €
70 €
H/D -14 incl. T3
30 €
40 €
50 €
F3 and F5 (1 day)
10 €
10 €
10 €
hire electronic card Sportident 10 €/5 days (2 €/1 day for F3 or F5)
(if lost, compensation 700 CZK or 35 € will be required)
the change of name after 30th June 2009 (in the same class only) 3 €
Attention: The electronic punching and timing equipment SPORTIDENT will be used. Please write number of Your own SI-card into the entry form or write "hire".
All winners of WMOC 1998 participate free of charge (without entry fee)!



The stay can not begin before 3.8.2009 at 4.00 p.m. and have to end not later than 10.8.2009 at 8.00 a.m. (i.e. 7 nights maximum). The accommodation fees, regardless of the length of stay, are follows:

a) campsite

person 6 years and older

20 €/person/all days

caravan (place with power socket 220V)

40 €/caravan/all days

Parking is outside (about 200 m), the cars can not be beside the tents! The payment will be in cash after Your arrival (40 CZK/day car with 8 seats max., 100 CZK/day bigger car or bus)

b) hard floor accommodation cca 25 km from the event areas

20 €/person/all days

c) student hostel without meal cca 25 km from the event areas

140 €/doubleroom/all days

d) student hostel without meal cca 25 km from the event areas

210 €/3bedded room/all days

e) cottage with 3 beds, WC and shower outside, for the participants with their own transport only (about 25km to the event area)

200 €/cottage/all days

f) cottage with 4 beds, WC and shower outside, for the participants with their own transport only (about 25km to the event area)

260 €/cottage/all days

g) cottage with 6 beds, WC and shower outside (about 10km to the event area)

360 €/cottage/all days

h) hotel** with half board (evening meals + breakfasts), selfservice dining-room (without waiter) - about 25 km from the event area

140 €/person/all days

i) hotel*** with breakfast only (cca 20 km from the event area)

280 €/person/all days

For accommodation items e)-h) Your own transport is necessary!
The capacity for bed-accommodation is limited, it cann´t be booked without payment in advance! The payment is requested before 30th April 2009 (together with entry fee).


Cheques and credit cards are not acceptable for the payment. The sum under 200 € can be paid in cash at the event registration. Sum 201 € and more must be paid by bank transfer to:
Bank: GE Capital Bank a.s., Vyskočilova 1422/1a, 140 00 PRAHA - Czech Republic

IBAN (account No.): CZ67 0600 0000 0000 0460 5824 (owner OK Jiskra Nový Bor)


Reason for the payment: fees Bohemia. The sender pays all bank charges also!



- if received before 30th June 2009, 80% fees will be returned

- if received later (last day is 4th August 2009), 50% fees will be returned only.


Registration (event centre):

Sport hall in the town NOVÝ BOR (about 90 km N from Prague)

3rd August 2009
  4.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.
4th August 2009
10.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.



It will be possible in the area with fix control points on 4nd August 2009 near the event centre. Training maps will be on sale at the event registration.



5 new maps according to IOF standards (1:7500 for day 3, 1:10.000 for the other days)



The difficult terrains with sandstone rocks and boulders with an usual central-european forest.


Event areas:

All event areas are about 20 km from the event centre.


Transport to event areas:

From event centre by organizers buses 40 CZK/person/day (tickets on sale at the event registration). By Your own car 50 CZK/car will be paid every day in cash at the parking gateway. Distance from bus stop to finish area E1-E3=1700m, E4-E5 = 700m (on foot). Distance from car parking to finish area E1-E3 = 1700 m, E4-E5 = 100m (on foot).


Prize giving ceremony

For all winners E1-E4 (except F3 and F5) every evening in the event centre. For the first 3 best competitors of all classes in total results (except F3 and F5) after E5 at the finish area.



The competitors take part at their own risk and they are responsible for their own safety.


Supplementary event:

6.8.2009 (after E2) short free order race in Novy Bor - entry fee 60 CZK. Entries as well as payment will be possible in the event centre, last date 5.8.2009.


BOHEMIA ORIENTEERING 2009 will be held in the protected landscape Lužice Mountains in the North Bohemia. This scenic region at the northern border of the Czech Republic offers to all visitors, from spring to winter, a large selection of natural sceneries, touristic and recreational opportunities. This area is therefore ideal for orienteering - WMOC 1998 was held here, if You remember.
For more informations and map samples see our page!


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